Beyonce - Countdown (2nd version)

"Michael Jackson changed me, and helped me to become the artist I am — thank you, Michael."

Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson! (8.29.58)

Anonymous: how many languages do you speak?

Just one. I understand my native language though! :) 

Anonymous: Beyonce in Roc in Rio when she performed End Of Time. She looked soo tired but her voice was still flawless and she did her dance moves with passion. I've never seen any singer that dedicated to their fans in their performance. Holy shit I just wanted her to stop and take a rest, but she kept going. 😵😲😲

She looked so gorgeous that day! Brazilian Hive is SO loud, loved it. She killed it.

Anonymous: Are u participating in the little secret project as well?

I’m putting it together, does that count? lol. But Yes, I’m participating in everything listed!

R.I.P. Michael Jackson (8.29.58 - 6.25.2009)

Anonymous: I'm scared

Why :O 

Anonymous: Beyoncé was a fan of Jay before they starting dating?

I think so! There’s this destiny’s child video where Kelly brings up Jay and Bey reacted one kind of way, I don’t remember where the video is though ugh 

Anonymous: Can you help me with all this link stuff people are talking about if I come off anon and you answer it privately cause ik you for want everyone knowing it

Yep! :) I want everyone involved so you can either find the links or message me off anon :) 

Anonymous: Hi Haley boo boo 😘

Hey <3 

Anonymous: Do u like NICKI MINAJ, Ariana Grande, & Jessi J song bang bang?


Anonymous: No Angel on the vma's changed my life Haley! Oh My fucking GOSh!!!!