Anonymous: What if jayonce are planning on concieving another child in Paris!!!


Anonymous: I feel like every bey hive member can relate to the emotions another bey hive member when they say "BITXHENELSIBWNSI" so well ya know? There truly is no better phrase to describe what beyonce does to you than that

YES!!!!!!! Bey is way way into the whole beyhive thing, we could never lol 

Anonymous: It's been 12 minutes as you haven't posted anything about her Instagram dead girl? I'm worried


Anonymous: Omg that anon must have read my mind I was thinking that lastnight that what if Bey did a ustream talking to us I would die!!

it will break the internet, why bother lol 

Anonymous: you, yivialo, queenbupgradedme, and ilovemesomejayonce DO THE DAMN THING WHEN IT COMES TO BEYONCE BLOGS. my favorite bey insipired tumblrs. keep up the great work.

aw you mentioned my faves, thank you <3 

Anonymous: 30 minutes holy shit chideraa

whats happening in 30 mins :O 

So, this is Pulse NYC. And as you can see, it’s my favorite color. Hmmm I wonder what that is…

I trained myself to dance in very high heels. I have a rule that my dancers have to wear their heels when I’m wearing my heels. They say, ‘Please take your shoes off, Beyoncé.’ At home, I’m always barefoot. And I have a heavy walk without heels. When they hear me thumping through the house, they say, ‘Oh—Beyoncé’s up!’” 

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