I was breathing then I wasn’t 


the beyoncé challenge:

[4/6] favorite music videos: Jealous

After all this time, I’m still into you
Anonymous: Ok I'm pretty much just now realizing that beyonce is the biggest pop star in the world lol... She's killing it

remove the pop and you’d be killin’ it.  She’s literally the biggest everything 🌚

Anonymous: Anything beyonce does is literally the basis of anything that has to do with pop music lol

…………. huh

Anonymous: the latest gifset is supposed to be the countdown interlude from the mrs carter show

Thank you <3 

Anonymous: Nicole is back? & Zach is gone! Now the shoe will get boring!

I’m really not the person to ask about this. I really don’t like the season! 

Anonymous: so muchmusic will present the pre-event and the awards in canada?

I think so? I was going through my guide and I saw that before the main show! 

Anonymous: It'd be so cool if she did songs from every era but slay with the vocals she currently has. (Not saying she couldn't before, but her voice definitely matured) When she hits BEYONCÉ, she could do (well anything lol) but maybe Yoncé into ***Flawless with Nicki, concluded with DIL with Jay, idk. We'll all have to wait and see. THREE MORE DAYS

Here for it!

Anonymous: every performance of Countdown is so hype man, thats def on my VMAs wishlist

It is on mine too. Now that I think about it, Yoncé sounded KILLA in that video from earlier today. Diva will be SO nice. 

Anonymous: I remember one time early this year this guy tweeted a pic of something that look like headlights shining or like a flashlight shinning in your face and he hashtag he'd it "#beyoncevma2014" and a lot of beyfan pages were tweeting it. SO LETS JUST LOOK OUT FOR SOME CAR LIGHTS SHINING IN OUR FACE lol

i REMEMBER THAT. We found out it was a lie, I don’t know why tho? 

Anonymous: do you know what's beys favorite color?

In the commercial (or bts of the commercial) of pulse, she said blue! 

Anonymous: Boring!!? Neverrr are you watching the US or Canada one?

Only watched Canada once! US. I really don’t like the season, sick of the unanimous votes, same people winning HOH etc. I heard Nicole’s back, that’s nice!