April 4, 2008


the type of treasure that lies inside of beyoncé’s iphone

Anonymous: Have you recovered yet? I have not

nope nope nope nope never gonna recover. This year has been incredible. Too much slay not enough words! 

Anonymous: do you know if song cry is about bey? actually it doesnt fit this much with the lyrics but in concert while rapping song cry the video of bey is on screen

it was released in 2001, It can’t be about her! 

Anonymous: This is the first time since early 2013 that there hasn't been anything lined up (that we know of). Even when there hasn't been many spottings of Bey, we've still got to see her on stage every few nights pretty much since TMCSWT started (apart from the breaks between tour legs). We have been so spoilt, and now i feel a little lost knowing she'll probably disappear for a while!

I K R 

Anonymous: Probably wouldn't happen but Imagine if bey and nicki MADE AN ANACONDA a REMIX DEADDDDDD

they need to release the video of flawless first 

theyoncee: Legit, if my queen is too busy to post on IG almost regularly, and she needs help, I'm right here for her. She wouldn't even have to pay me, I would just try to prevent beyhydration part 2 from happening 😩

IKR it is like she forgot she had IG. she is missed! 

Anonymous: I love how bey and jay go so hard on holy grail

me too!