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Anonymous said:
Hey, I saw for the On The Run Tour when Beyonce gets shot. Why did she get shot? Who shot her? Where can I find the mini movie clips for On The Run by the way also?

Look for “Song Cry” ! 

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Anonymous said:
Julius must have the time of his life because literally wherever they go he goes with them!! I would love his job!!!

His job is so stressful. He basically protecting the first lady lajdkajdsal

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Anonymous said:
Does bey mostly use Nars makeup products?

I don’t know :( Ask Sir John?

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Anonymous said:
did you know aretha franklin is doing a rendition of survivor on her new album

That’s really nice :) 

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Anonymous said:
For the person about the psat: take it serious bc it can qualify you for college scholarships!


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Anonymous said:
Went to OTR show. Now that hbo keeps rerunning the show, nothing else on tv matters. 🙌

I also went :) I have rewatched the special numerous times as well. It gets better every time!

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lestwinsoff: @beyonce #monster have the best hat ever #blackboyplace #bourgeois (x)
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Boy, come to me / Let me turn your rain into sun

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And if loving you is a crime, tell me why do I bring out the best in you?

Football match in Paris (x)
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