Ryan Tedder on Beyoncé + her writing credits.
Speaking to The Guardian, Tedder - who also penned ‘XO’ for the star as well as Ella Henderson’s newly-released debut ‘Ghost' - explained where he thinks that came from.

"I can’t speak for all of the songs that she does but I’ll say this: she does stuff on any given song that, when you go from the demo to the final version, takes it to another level that you never would have thought of as the writer," he said.

"For instance, on ‘Halo’, that bridge on her version is completely different to my original one. Basically, she came in, ditched that, edited it, did her vocal thing on it and now it’s become one of my favourite parts of the song. The whole melody, she wrote it spontaneously in the studio.”
tranquiladdiction said: Have you seen that gif of beyonce where she's asked what do you do after 16 Grammys and millions of records sold? And she answers with "whatever makes you happy?" Do you know where it's from? :(

I have. I think it was from a special / DVD. Don’t know which exactly, help? Roseland.

Anonymous said: So last year at school we have this Christmas assembly every year and this girl decides she was going to sing 'Ave Maria' and I respect her for trying and all but who tries to cover a Beyoncé song because she was NEVER going to do it better than the queen

You got that right!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said: You now when the next tour is and where?

This summer, should kick off in Atlanta *appaz*

Anonymous said: I know I probably sound really, idk selfish? But if they do a conjoined tour, I'm going to be a little sad bc like what if bey doesn't do all the songs bc they need room for jay? like nooo I want to experience bey more 😭 I still love them together though ❤️

I feel like they know that, you know? That’s why it is a joint tour, like there would be just as much time of Bey as they were would be for Jay. Not to mention, most of her songs have Jay and those of Jay’s that don’t have Bey, she could add a few words here and there. 

Anonymous said: WHAT ABOUT THAT FUCKING MIA ***Flawless REMIX? What happened to that

I bet it got Azealia Bank’ed. 

Anonymous said: Does Jay have a twitter?

@S_C_ :)