-beyedits- said: do they sell the tickets for the tour right after they anounced the tour ? or do they anounce it and a few days later they sell them ?

It depends but it is usually the latter!

Anonymous said: what do you mean with "the Toyota Commercial kinda pointed towards that " ? I didn't get that :( I'm sorry but I'm just so excited

The box she was standing in in the commercial had dates on it :)

dorritoburrito said: we can cry together if they dont come here to Canada

Deal, I’d be doing my crying on a bus to NYC πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

Anonymous said: "The On The Run Tour" that would be the perfect name! "The Mr. And Mrs. Carter Tour" would be great too but a little obvious! :)

Either, I’m just so excited 😭

Anonymous said: Is the tour officially confirmed or is it still rumored?

Jays friends have confirmed it + other big sites have posted about it. But you know bey x jay’s reps won’t say anything till they plan on announcing it.

Anonymous said: lol Dani is back peddling with her "cat out of the bag" statement, saying she isnt confirming it but just hoping its true

Yeah. She definitely confirmed it, but she’s scurred now cause her confirmation is all over the internet 😭

I have seen Jay & Bey in concert separately and they were both incredibly outstanding. Together? It is gonna be out of this world 😭



Anonymous said: Is it trueeeee????????????????? Jayoncé are touring together???????????


squirticuno said: I barely got any sleep last night! As soon as I heard Jayoncé will have a tour together, my life just changed! My favs are about to slay my life and I won't even be ready for it! I don't even know when tickets go on sale, but I'll be damned if she randomly says "SURPRISE" again and have the tickets sell out in 60 seconds, without me having any!!!! I only went to one concert and it was amazing! I have to go to this one, it's not even debatable. Someone should give me $1K, just saying!


askaboutcee said: Remember when she said "until next time because it ain't over" what if this was what she was talking about πŸ˜©πŸ™Œ


Anonymous said: If it's true I hope they bring their tour to canada :))

Same πŸ™Œ

Anonymous said: Ticket sales aren't supposed to start until May so we can rest for a little

I was gonna say !!!!!!! They’d announce the tour before then though? I also think if OTR is part of this, it will be released soon too 😭