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Anonymous said:
Drunk in love was awesome last night! I was recording witg my phone on the screen and my camera on stage!

I would have done the same thing!!!!!!!! 

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Yeah, the Jayoncé Drunk In Love moment from Chicago is officially number one, ~coochie has been bumped 😂

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Surfing all in dis gud gud

Hey I just posted some videos from the show last night in Chicago if you wanted to see them, they're on my page

They are pretty amazing!!!!!!! Check out his page guys :* 

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Anonymous said:
i honestly believe that bey will get the video vanguard mj award bc how could she not with her visual album?? and then she can have a v long performance not unlike justin timberlake last year ya feel

!!!!!!!! they literally have no excuse 

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Anonymous said:
Why was Bey rubbing her stomach when she sang "I took some time to live my life"?

She took some time to live her life before becoming “someone else’s wife” as she once said and having a child :) 

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Anonymous said:
You ever heard of single ladies by bey? It's quite good I think you should check it out, got a feeling it'd be your thing

you aint shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Anonymous said:
At what time can I watch the livestream?

8:55PM ET, sunday!

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On The Run Tour in Chicago, IL (July 24th, 2014)

Anonymous said:
Somebody asking u if u heard of pretty hurts😂 jesus take the wheel

I know right? :( 

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Anonymous said:
If she does do the VMA's I want her to do Partition!

Hopefully she gets the vanguard award so she does a long ass ~medley! 

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Anonymous said:
You're mean

Taylor Swift has a whole song written about me, not bad 

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